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Maintain a clean kitchen

•  Washing dishes, pots, and pans

•  Cleaning the outside of appliances

•  Cleaning counters and cupboards

•  Cleaning ovens and defrosting and cleaning

   the refrigerator

Ensure an immaculate bathroom

Cleaning services include:


•  Bathtub, shower, sink, toilet bowl, and medicine cabinet

•  Emptying and cleaning commode chair / urinal


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Additional cleaning services

Helping you keep a tidy home

Additional cleaning services Ensure an immaculate bathroom

•  Dusting and straightening furniture

•  Cleaning floors and rugs by mop, broom,

   or vacuum

•  Laundering clothes in the home or Laundromat,

   including washing, drying, folding, putting away,

   ironing, and basic sewing repairs

•  Changing linens and making beds

•  Washing the insides of windows

•  Removing trash from the home

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